Hi Everyone! It’s been a busy couple of weeks since my last post. Just completed this new oil painting, “Beach Vagabonds.” I was drawn to this group of unrelated figures, coming and going, all caught up in their own worlds. To my mind it represents the typical assortment of beach denizens walking side by side while completely oblivious to one another. I enjoy exploring this theme of “ships that pass in the night.” So many people, yet we get to interact with so few in the course of a lifetime. I have always gravitated toward other artists whose paintings deal with this concept. Edward Hopper comes to mind as a master of illustrating a certain “human disconnect” in his work. There’s a loneliness attached to his paintings even when more than one person is present.



On my bookstand: A few weeks back, I received a lovely gift in the mail from my dear sister-in-law Mary, entitled, “Growing Up with the Impressionists” by Jane Roberts. It’s an actual diary of Julie Manet, daughter of Berthe Morisot and Eugene Manet (brother of the artist, Edouard Manet). This is a fascinating read for its historical references as much as for its insights into the lives of so many artists of the period. Julie began diary entries at the age of 10 and continued into adulthood. Her prominent family had close friendships with artists Degas, Renoir, Pizzaro, Monet to name a few and also interacted with great writers of the day such as Zola and poet Mallarme. The book is also filled with wonderful vintage photos of Julie and her coterie. Great read!

Off to the Caribbean next week for a 10-day cruise! (Every artist needs a little down time!) I’ll have my sketchbook with me and hope to capture the wonderful colors and atmosphere of the tropics while relaxing on a beach sampling some local rum!


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