On the Easel

Currently working on quite a large piece featuring several figures. It's a slow process, developing each figure by first laying in the tones with bristle brushes, then repeating the process again with softer brushes. I've been working on this one now for a few weeks. Before beginning this painting, I made some new changes to my studio, adding a large monitor screen to better view my reference photos. Above are some progressive photos of my progress thus far. Standing up at the easel is very tiring. I simply cannot paint in a seated position. I often loose track of how long I've been on my feet because I'm so absorbed in painting. Thankfully I took a gym break today (as I do most days) to do some yoga. It felt wonderful and energized me to work on the piece a bit more later.

new monitor


  1. Nice to see the process.
    You need a good core to be able to stand up like that!

  2. Thanks Sherry! Pilates & yoga both are great for that.


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