This past Friday I had the pleasure to work with a delightful group who attended my "Capture the Moment" painting workshop. The class took place at the Beach Art Center (BAC) in Indian Rocks Beach, FL. The center is spacious, bright and cheerfully decorated with member's colorful & skillfully done artworks. It was my pleasure to share my painting techniques with this enthusiastic group, who plunged into the day's exercises with gusto.

Because my work focuses on the figure, I selected an image I'd taken of one of my models for student's to use as a reference photo for their paintings. The day was divided into three sections, with artist's demos at each stage before moving ahead to the next step. Each class member had a finished painting by day's end. I was delighted with the results! Everyone did a great job and their paintings reflected their own style while incorporating the techniques we'd focused on. Kudos to this talented group! I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and look forward to conducting more classes at the center in the future!

Artist Demo


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