Sources of Inspiration

As an artist, I am drawn to other painters, both past and present, whose works have inspired me. Dale Kennington was a contemporary painter whose works I greatly admire. I recently purchased a wonderful book on her life and paintings entitled, “Grandeur of the Everyday.” Even this title reflects my personal approach to painting. Simple moments can become part of the larger human experience when translated through paint. Ms. Kennington was indeed an expert in translating this message, painting such mundane scenes as bored passengers on a subway or waiters poised for the “rush hour” just before the crowd comes in. Familiar scenes become epic in her works. This is a theme I have explored throughout my career works as well. What a joy to connect with another artist who has a similar view of the world! Though I do not profess to be at her level of skill or proficiency, Dale’s paintings are always an inspiration and an example to strive towards.

This October 26, I will be offering a workshop entitled, "Capturing the Moment in Paint" at the Indian Rocks Beach Art Center from 9am to 4pm. If you are interested in attending, please leave your contact information in the comment box. You may also email: or phone: 727-648-7142


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